Ansbach, Germany

Bio: My name is Lamont and I have been involved with affiliate marketing for almost 13 years. I was not always successful in the marketing business because I tried to reinvent the wheel so to speak, but the one thing I did find out is you have to learn before you earn. I adopted that motto and now my convictions are stronger than ever. I wanted to start with a good company and I could have only wished I got into this business and prospered from it at an early age, but was not that eager to learn the ins and outs about how it all works. Throughout the past few years I have grown in knowledge and apply that to my everyday living as well. I am a father and devoted to my my family so I chose to build a stable income from home while I can watch my kids grow instead of working 84 hrs a week as I used to do as a contractor away from my family. That being said I now have the opportunity to do something great and that is to help as many people as I can in life and see what happens, it's worth a try and that brings me to now. I guess I can say 'Hello World' I am here and my name is Lamont.

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