Reasons Why!

Everyone has a story, whether it be good or bad. Everyone has a dream, but of course if it’s a bad dream we call it a nightmare. Why why why do we all seem to want things in life that sometimes are hard to obtain?

For instance some want luxury, others want time, most want freedom. I chose all of the above and a lot of others will choose at least 2 out of 3 of those options.  My dream is to be free, free from the burdens of wanting. So I chose to do what a lot of other people are doing and that’s creating that dream through marketing.

I’ve noticed one thing about being a network/affiliate marketer and that is, you must put in work to get what you desire. I could just win the lottery but even that’s proven to be a dauntless desire. I’m intrigued with learning how things work in the market world so I went in search for a training platform with a low cost start up.

Low and behold I found more than a few but was skeptical on everyone and I think everyone should be when money is on the line. Not only did I find a good organization, no not Amazon, but I found five, yes five. In my search I had a list of wants that I needed to find in any program, and narrowed down my search.

Almost one year has gone by and I am ready to get out there and let my seeds grow into a fruitful career. With the help and research I’ve done, reading this, that and the third some key things kept popping up, and that is, help more people succeed. What better way to do that then give away free bonuses. Thanks to Stone Evans for that one.

My point is, I couldn’t be happier to have done something for myself. Working day in and day out for someone else at my age is getting old and tired and I’m making the company I work for twice as much as I get paid. So I took a step forward and here I am. Couldn’t be happier to say the least and now I want to give away everything that helped me in turn that it will help someone else. Next I will be putting together a newsletter as well. Stay tuned folks.

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