My Introduction

So without further ado here I am, Hello World, it’s me. Just about every new website in the beginning has it when you prepare to blog for the first time. My name is Lamont Braithwaite and I am a newbie to the blogging world. 

I have blogged before but I didn’t exactly know what I was doing at all, if that’s what you call blogging at all. I’m a father of 3 adorable kids m, well not exactly 3 just yet but I count the one that will be here Friday as one. 2 daughters and the possibility of a third so you can just imagine I’m the minority in my household. I’m with the most amazing woman ever that also serves as the glue because at times I seem to come undone but she puts all the pieces back together as always and I’m thankful and very blessed to have her in my life.

I decided to blog publicly for reasons many of us have and that’s that entrepreneurial spirit. Just woke up one morning as always and said I have to start over, I have to make something work, I have to grow so I looked in other areas where I can be successful and the only thing popped in my mind was “Why not work for yourself”. I took a deep breath and quickly dismissed this idea because all I have ever known was work hard, receive an income and take care of the family. There has got to be a better way so here I am in my self made mode.

I chose blogging as a way to educate and help more people begin there dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. It’s in every one at some point where they think of instead of investing your life and time in any company and put fourth the efforts of their time, energy and thoughtfulness into themselves and treat themselves as their business or these days we call it “Branding” the skies are the limits. Some are often afraid to step out and say “Well at least I’m guaranteed a check” while this is true but the way things are now, if you stop working, so does the money! 

I want to connect with other like minded bloggers that feel as i do. Maybe not to the point where you make a drastic change as I have but people that want to put forth the effort of comfort and I mean comfort by investing in themselves as they should. No one knows you better then yourself. You owe nothing to anyone but yourself, and not to mention you create for yourself. Using the word yourself seems kind of self centered for the most part but if you see it that way when you are creating your business then you will be very prosperous and reward yourself with the gift of life that you can truly start to live, or go back to working at Walmart and ask customers would you like paper or plastic. (Pun Intendid)

I plan on blogging successfully for this year to help me grow in ways unimaginable, yes my dreams are very big, Astronomical if you ask me, but I will test myself in hopes that I can turn the corner to make it in this ever changing world. Looking forward to the challenges and inspiration along the way!

What is Character if you’re not in it!


New beginnings

Hello my name is Lamont and I live in Germany, I did not grow up here but I love it and I am still intrigued by it, minus the cold weather.

Beginner in blogging I will try to learn to build content and just flat out write. Since this is like my first blog in this new platform for me I hope to see a change in my writing style. Blogging is as I see it an important aspect to everything I want to accomplish so I’ll see if I can incorporate this skill with the others I have. 

Not to be a bite on my first blog on blogging 101, but will add more details in the days to come. 

Have a good day folks and stay tuned!