Daily Prompt: Original

via Daily Prompt: Original

Being ORIGINAL could be seen in so many ways but really, how many ways can originality originate from one person or thing? Am I qualified to even talk about originality or the act of vein Original? I think everyone is qualified to talk about it in some way shape or form.

To me, being original is being authentic in just about every aspect of the word itself. You can flip it towards the outcome you want but being Original contains quite a few things that are put together to become just that original.

All be it, after it’s said and done, the only way to be original is to not take anything, no matter what it is out of the form that it has grown to become. This includes yourself amongst other things. If you are just being you, that’s as close to original as anyone can ever be or become. The minute you step out of yourself, is the minute the originality becomes obscured.

Thanks for reading my original post, with original unediting, and pure unadulterated originality😉 Invest your time in you and let the originality shine through!!!

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